Friday, April 16, 2010

Technical Difficulties - Part II

Some of you avid followers might have noticed that there haven't been as many photos uploaded recently.  As we mentioned previously, we've had a few issues with cameras (now on our 3rd of the trip) and memory cards but that's all sorted out now.  However, access to decent internet is tricky in Cambodia and uploading photos takes forever.  So, we're trying to upload photos in batches to keep us from going insane from sitting in sweaty internet cafes for hours on end.  Hopefully we'll have them all up online for your viewing pleasure very soon.

L & C


  1. Did you do the fish thing where they eat at your feet, like a spa treatment yet?! Court- I feel like you would be all over trying something like that!

  2. donda estan las touristas?? <3 ad..