Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Things Seen on the Back of a Motorbike in Southeast Asia

4 Upside down dead pigs
1 television
1 family of five
50 dead ducks
1 full size refrigerator
1 six foot ladder
100 plus coconuts
1 Courtney
4 five foot tall porcelain vases
1 glass display case full of pastries and danish
1 large spool of chain link fencing
2 ironing boards
1 sleeping child
1 Lee
100 plus sheets of rice paper
1 Monk smoking a cigarette
10 large truck tires
60 plus pots and pans


  1. Did you see any right side up dead pigs? Can pigs die standing up?

  2. Hey how about an update from the globe trekkers!

  3. I was going to say they were back in civillisation but I see they are in Wales - my mistake!