Saturday, February 20, 2010

Road Trip!

We are now officially flashpackers.  Gone are the days of 1am departures and 7 hour bus rides.  For the next 3 weeks we will be cruising the east coast of Australia in our own set of wheels!  We picked up our ride on Wednesday and with Kate at the wheel, shes from England so used to driving on the left side of the road, started traveling north up the east coast.

We had a long drive ahead of us as Coffs Harbour (our first destination) was 7 1/2 hours away. The road trip bonding session commenced - Courtney and Kate established they had been living parallel lives across the pond from each other! Lizzie and Lee established they both like Sparrows. We passed the time Roo and Koala spotting. Lot's of Roos were spotted (and a road kill) but no Koalas.

We decided to take a detour to Nelson Bay on the way. We found a great little beach to eat our lunch on, but it was not worth the 2hr detour (we did get slightly lost!).  Lee took over driving and quickly received a barrage of abuse for driving too slowly!  We arrived in Coffs Harbour quite late and decided to explore the following day. Coffs Harbour as it turns out is just that - a harbour. So we popped out for a coffee by the harbour before leaving for Byron Bay.


  1. I love this story! And the pictures.. Lee looks so happy driving :) Love the one of you guys jumping on the beach too. Its 40 degrees here today and it seems like spring cause of the record cold weather we have had here. Im very jealous you guys look like youre having an amazing time! Miss you both!

  2. Am I to assume that a flash packer is one who uses a car as their means of transportation? Lee Senior.....put some sunscreen not delay!!
    Looks like you guys are having loads of fun!! Court, didn't know you
    could jump so high!! Love you Guys!!

  3. I am really loving those jumping shots. You guys are super talented! I can't wait to read more - glad you found some fun travel buddies too!

  4. Hey guys, great blog! But don't make the mistake of driving straight through the NSW Central Coast. There's so much to do there and it demands at least of couple of days to take it all in. See what I mean?