Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Bowl...Monday!

Courtney (and the 40 or so other Americans in the bar) got a taste of what Lee goes through living in the US - watching major sporting events at strange hours!  In this case, it was on a completely different day!  We found a bar called 'Pub on the Wharf" right on the lake, and a stone's throw from our hostel, to watch the Super Bowl (or "Superb Owl" as it was called by some Englishman when we asked where we could watch it).

The game started at noon on Monday and we decided it was a good excuse to treat ourselves to some good food and a few beers (Lee will use any excuse he can get).  The bar was packed and we ended sitting with a group of New Yorkers who treated us to some pizza after we told them our poor backpacker story, haha.

After the game and several beers later we retired to the park outside for a little nap in the late afternoon sun - not a bad way to watch the Super Bowl!

Nap time

Later on we met up with Kate and Lizzie, our travel pals that we met on the first few days of our trip, for a few more drinks and to discuss plans for Australia.  We have a pretty similar itinerary so we're planning to travel up the east coast in Australia together which should be fun.

All smiles after the Saints win


  1. Colin's going to be so jealous of the mountain man's beard! Trip looks incredible. Living vicariously through you guys!

  2. Has anyone commented on your beard yet? It's getting pretty sweet. I would wager you've already intimidated any orcs you have met.

  3. Court did you get a new shirt?!?! I dont remember the black and white one being in the original pack.

    You guys look amazing! Im still so jealous!

    Love you both!

    ps- Lee I am glad you are still getting your beers in

  4. Beard? More like an eyelash just dropped down for a drink! Keep it going Lee and Courtney good stuff!

  5. Hey guys,
    Did you get our e-mail about our research? We are getting very excited about Australia now and meeting up with you guys.

    Happy to fly up to Brisbane as that looks the cheapest option, we are looking at hiring a car from Brisbane for the rest of our trip so that can get us to Hervey Bay where we can get to Fraser island. We can fly on the 17th or 18th. Whenever is good for you?

    See you at noon, remember wear something weird!!!

    Loads of love
    K and L xxx

  6. Hey Guys,
    Sorry I missed you tonight!! Let's try again real soon!!
    Love You