Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bug bites

We met new friends Kim and Lauren (hi guys!) over breakfast at Suk 11 and decided to go out with them for dinner and drinks the following night.  Lauren got a tip from a friend about some great places to eat on Soi 38 ("Soi" basically means little street) so we decided to check it out.  After a delicious dinner we stopped in at Cheap Charlie's, a popular bar on the same street as Suk.

After a few drinks, we were still a little hungry so we decided to grab a snack...


  1. I changed my mind. Eat the street meat and stay away from the bugs

  2. What the HELL you guys!! Stop that crap or I'm gonna make you come home! BUGS!! REALLY????

  3. oh you guys...they are full of protein and lee says they taste just like doritos (courtney begs to differ). i think it was a one time worries for you all back at home.

  4. If they taste just like doritos then I think you should eat doritos instead. I will be happy to send you some!

  5. And I thought I was being adventurous by eating food off a street bbq against all adivec and my better judgement! Bugs will have to be next on my list!

    Finally got to go scuba diving, it was AMAZING! You have to try it!!! I think it was best at White rock, but may have been twin rocks... will check with Kate and confirm!

    Miss you lots!xx

  6. P.S. New friends already??? Hehe! Just joking!xx

  7. Hi Lizzie,

    that's awesome that you scuba dived, very cool. we'll have to look into having a go if we have time for southern thailand. sounds like you're having fun. are the boys enjoying themselves?

    come on, you know nobody can replace you guys.


  8. Hey guys,
    We are in Bangkok, just been checking out your blog. Planning for the next few weeks now, so will let you know where we are going to be and maybe we can try and meet up.
    Let us know what you think of Laos.
    Lots of Love
    K xxx