Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sydney to Bangkok

Our flight to Bangkok left from Sydney so we had to make our way south on the train the day before to ensure we made our flight. We took the Countrylink train from Byron Bay (shuttle bus to Casino and then train) which ended up costing us less than the bus would have as they offered student discounts for ISIC members (Courtney is a member). It was a marathon 14 hour journey on the train to Sydney. The night train would have been a better option but our flight was leaving at 6:30am so we had to travel during the previous day. The scenery from the train was beautiful though and offered us some different views to the ones we had on the way up the coast in the car. We also got to see tons of Kangaroos! Apparently they prefer hanging out by the railroad rather than the highway.

We "slept" overnight in the airport to save a few bucks on accommodation (if you can call laying on the hard, cold, concrete floor of an airport with about 50 other people around you, cleaning vehicles constantly coming by, and bright insutrial strength lights shining down on you sleeping) but we basically squandered our savings the next day eating ludicrously over-priced food in the airport (eggs on toast and a coffee each cost us a whopping $30!)

From Sydney we flew to Melbourne where we had a 5 hour layover before finally boarding our flight to Bangkok, Thailand.


  1. Glad to see the beard back - much better than the porn-star 'tasche look you had going on in Sydney!

    Thailand looks amazing...Don't fancy the street meat much though.


  2. "porn-star 'tasche"??? How do you know what that looks like? Shocking. My own sister.