Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Surfers Paradise

Most backpackers traveling up the east coast continue north from Hervey Bay towards Cairns.  For us Hervey Bay was our northermost stop and from there we started to travel south again to our next stop, Surfers Paradise.  Travel pals Kate and Lizzie will eventually be following the traditional backpacker route and heading all the way up to Cairns but luckily for us, Kate's Aunt had arranged a brief stay in a resort in Surfers for a few days so they had to backtrack a bit before going north again.

Surfers Paradise is sort of an Australian Florida, or Miami to be more precise.  Beautiful beaches with a backdrop of high rise buildings containing hotels and condos above restaurants, bars, and shops.  We booked ourselves into the YHA by the harbour and were rewarded with free wine and cheese at reception, a nice treat after the 6 hour drive from Hervey Bay.

The following day we went down to Scrapper Rocks, a beach just south of where we were staying, to check out the Quicksilver/Roxy Pro Surfing Contest - the perfect way to spend a day in Surfers Paradise!  Later in the evening we met up with Kate and Lizzie for a night on the town and our last night together before we go our seperate ways :-(  The night was almost ruined before it got started when we were refused entry to the first bar we went to on account of Lee's flip-flops.  Apparently there is a "dress-code" in Surfers and guys cannot wear flip-flops into a bar.  It's a beach town!  Called SURFERS PARADISE!  Determined not to let this minor setback spoil our fun, Lee went into the nearest store and picked out a pair of the cheapest shoes he could find.  As he was buying them the girl in the store commented "buying some pub shoes are you?"  Apparently this store sells shoes regularly to bemused tourists who come to Surfers and can't get into bars because of their footwear.  In the end we had a great night out at Waxy's Bar, the place that originally turned us away.  Rather than try to describe it in words we'll let the pictures do the talking.


  1. That Lee...first his dead eyes keep you out of the bars..... then the shoes....What's next?? Hehehe!! You guys look like you are having an amazing time. Love You!!

  2. back in the day restaurants had extra suit jackets and ties for men, now it's shoes! we've come a long way baby!! what a funny way to learn the mores of the town! ad

  3. Hey guys...we are in Singapore! Was that Snake in your room!!!??? Missing you.
    K xxxx

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