Saturday, March 13, 2010

Street Meat

This is what Thailand is all about.  Although we've been told a few times, "don't eat food from street stalls, you'll get sick" (Hi Aunt Donna!) you really can't avoid it.  And besides, it's where some of the best food is found!  Although we didn't eat from this particular stall (we actually took this picture because the food looked pretty nasty) we've eaten from a bunch.  Most of the time you'll find some sort of an English menu but if not seeing something you like and just pointing works just fine.  Best of all, it will cost about $1.


  1. anthony bourdaine of the travel channel loves the street up girl...the pictures are awesome!!!stay safe!! miss ya!!!

  2. I'm with Aunt Donna on this one. Street meat sounds kinda gross.
    Love you. Be careful.