Sunday, January 17, 2010

5 continents, 196 days and 4 pairs of underwear

That's right people, 4 pairs of underpants for 7 months.  That works out to about 49 days per pair.  When we were planning for this trip we read in many places that a lot of backpackers get by on just 2 pairs.  As you can imagine we were both disgusted by this prospect initially, however, the incredibly helpful bearded fellow in REI assured us that the magical wicking microfiber kind would keep us drier than a popcorn fart even in the most hot and humid of climates so we decided to splurge and get a few pairs each.  Here's a look at the rest of the stuff we're bringing:

Backpacks:  We both went for medium sized backpacks from Gregory.  Courtney has the Jade 50 and Lee is sporting the z55.  They are basically the same backpack but in male and female versions.  They're also both blue.  We got matching packs on purpose so we could pretend we're on The Amazing Race.  Keep an eye out for the matching "I'm with him/her" t-shirts once we reach Thailand.

Courtney's threads - 1 pair of each of the following; shorts, travel pants, capris, jeans, 1 Patagonia black dress, 1 summer dress, tank tops (4 - one dressy number for nights on the town!), t-shirts (3), long sleeve shirt (2), light North Face fleece, rain jacket, bathing suit (2), underwear (5), bras (3 - one sporty), socks (4), scarfs (2 - for covering up when necessary and/or jazzing up the same outfits that will be worn day after day), flip flops, sneakers.

Lee's stuff - convertible pants (2), cargo shorts, swimmies, t-shirts (5), jeans, undies (4), socks (4), North Face microfleece, cotton long-sleeve shirt, rain jacket, baseball cap, bandana, scarfs (2), flip flops, sneakers.


Hair ties and bobby pins (first item on the list, Lee doesn't leave home without them), Burt's Bees Rosemary bar shampoo (smells delightful), soap, ziplock bags, little travel shower gel and toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrush, wet wipes (for spills and "showers"), razor, nail clippers.

Travel gear and gadgets:

Microfiber Towels (2)
Eagle Creek Packing Cubes (6) (to keep our stuff organized in our bags. 
Silk Blend Sleep Sheets (2)
Deet Insect repellent
2 carabiner clips
Power Converter/adaptor
Medical Kit
USB storage devices
sharpie, pen
Moleskine Notepads (2)
deck of cards
dice (6) (do they play Farkle in Laos?  We'll soon find out)
ipod/ipod charger
Laundry detergent
canon powershot SD750
jobi gorillapod
swiss army knife
earplugs and sleep mask (Courtney has insisted she will not use either of these.  We'll see how long that lasts) 
rain fly (to keep our packs dry)
universal sink stopper
clothes line
toiletry hanging kit


  1. Wow! Great job packing - I am impressed. Also, never heard the term "drier than a popcorn fart" before and am definitely going to start using it. Safe travels today!

  2. Hope you guys had a nice day! Can't wait until you start putting some photos up!! Love You Both!!

  3. Hey Katie,

    Yea, the popcorn analogy was quite controversial with Court too. Apparently she's never heard the term either. Feel free to popularize in East Falls and West Philly. I fully expect to hear people using it in casual conversations upon my return.


  4. So you decided against the super-teenie little straigtener, I see. Go with the wild look. Lee - likin' the beard already.

    ps. BAJUNGAS!