Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How the hell are we able to do this?

This is the question we have heard the most since we told everybody we were quitting life as we know it and traveling around the world for the next 7+ months.  We are not wealthy (see chosen professions above). We’re able to afford this trip* by (1) getting rid of crap we don’t need (e.g. my car) (2) saving cash where we can (e.g. eating PB&J for lunch EVERY day for 7 months) (3) the amazing generosity of Tom and Davida (Court’s folks) who allowed us to basically squat in their basement and completely disrupt their lives for the last 4 months.  (Thanks guys!  We definitely couldn’t have done this without you) (4) we both hope to pick up some work along the way (if you’re reading this and you need an urban planner/social worker/soccer coach/waitress/life coach/fruit picker/sheep shearer/general laborer/sherpa then look no further!)

We spent hours reading travel blogs and forums to plan this trip.  Hopefully some people will find our feeble attempt at a travel blog useful too.  We also read several Lonely Planet and Rough Guide publications (thanks Kerri), which contain tons of useful stuff.

*Whether or not we can actually afford this trip remains to be seen.  We’ve done tons of research and created a detailed budget but it’s pretty tight and will involve a lot of discipline (cue laughter from Lee’s friends) so we’ll see how it goes.  We may end up penniless, halfway through the trip, in some far off place at which point you’ll be reading the “Send Money Now!” blog post.


  1. YAY number 7 follower/comment #1... I couldn't be more proud. Love you both!!!!

  2. Best of luck - I know it will be an amazing trip! See you in June!

  3. WOOOW LUCKY you guys!!! really an amazing thing to do... much better than working hu?? lol

    have fuun and enjoy!!!

    by the way I love the Pilsner thing at the front page!!


  4. Pedro, I think the Ecuador trip was part of the inspiration for this one so it's only right the Pilsner label made it on there. Hope you're well. Next trip we're coming back down to your neck of the woods!