Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Off the beaten path in Waitomo

Above:  What we didn't do in Waitomo

Waitomo is best known for the Waitomo Caves, a sprawling underground cave system where one can do all manner of fun things such as spilunking (sp?), black water rafting (the underground equivalent of white water rafting), or checking out the millions of glow worms that live down there - all for a price of course.
Being the independent, free-thinking adventurers that we are, Court and I decided to go off the beaten path and see what other (cheaper) treasures bucolic Waitomo has to offer.

Not much it turns out.  We were dropped off in the tiny Waitomo Village which consists of a tourist info center (where you book your caving adventures), a seriously overpriced cafe, and a bar.  It was too early to start drinking so we headed over to the little park across the road from the tourist info center and had a few goes on the swings.  Great fun and, most importantly, FREE.  Highly recommended.  There's also a slide if you're so inclined.


 I'm sure there's tons more stuff to do but we didn't have a chance to find out as we were only there for about an hour and a half before the bus came back to get us with all the cavers on board who no doubt had a marvelous time.

Next stop, Rotorua.


  1. We will feature on your blog...even if we have to write it ourselves!! Hopefully see you at the Mauri experience tonight.
    Kate and Lizzie xxx

  2. We were just about to do a full blog entry about how we met, what we talked about when we met, how we're doing a similar route at similar time, how we are going to hang out in Taupo and hopefully Oz. Oh well, you're on here now so that'll do.