Tuesday, January 5, 2010

About Us

So who are we?

We are Lee and Courtney, two first-time backpackers attempting to travel the world on a shoestring budget.  What we lack in experience, we also lack in finances.

Courtney: 25-year-old girl from Philly who loves eating thai food, vegging out on the couch, and eating thai food while vegging out on the couch.  When she’s not globetrotting Courtney spends her time as a social worker working with angry teens.

Lee: 30-year-old boy from London who has spent the last 12 years living in the US, most of which has been in the Philly area. Lee loves football (soccer to you US readers), beer, and watching football while drinking beer.  Prior to abandoning a perfectly good career, Lee was an urban planner.

So it started with a handshake (a wink actually, but that’s another story).  On our first date we joked about how great it would be to do something totally spontaneous and book flights somewhere warm for our second date.   After a couple “you won’ts”, a “this may be the worst idea ever”, and a “you’re not a serial killer are you?” (Court’s question), we shook on it.  3 days later we were in the Bahamas.  A couple of months later we found ourselves in Ecuador.  Few months after that, we were back in the Caribbean.  Clearly a theme was developing.

That brings us to this trip.  We were on our lunch breaks one day tucking into a delicious pad thai and we started to daydream.  How great would it be to pack it all in and travel round the world.  Courtney extended her hand…

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