Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pahia Triathalon - Kayak, Bike, and Tan

Pahia is beautiful so we decided to extend our stay and have some much needed beach time.  We've only been traveling a week and already we're taking a rest?!  Give us a break, we're new at this!
So we stayed the extra day but we checked out of Pipi Patch and into a place called Bay Adventurer just up the road.  Bay Adventurer was cheaper AND offered FREE kayaks and bicycles (Pipi Patch just offered drunken teeny boppers and a swimming pool the size of a large puddle).  Another bonus was that we scored a double bed.  There were still 5 other beds in the room but it was a small win.

Double bed!

We spent morning zipping around the bay in a couple of sea kayaks and then grabbed a couple of bikes for a nice ride along the beach to the grocery store to pick up some essentials.  We also managed to squeeze a bit of tanning on the beach in.  All in all not a bad start to the week.

Grocery store run on the free bikes 

 Back to Auckland tomorrow before heading south into Hobbit territory.


  1. The beach looks so wonderful! Also loved that you found a playground as an alternative to the pricey cave tours :) Cute pic on the swings! I can't wait to read about the hobbits! ps ... did you delete your blogger photos on purpose? I noticed your images for the older posts are gone (and so I got nosy and looked) and the photos are also deleted from your blogger picasa album.

  2. Wow! Sunshine and a beach. Glad you two are soaking up the warm weather. Ever since you left, Davida has the thermostat set at 55. I have to sleep with flannel PJs and socks just to stop shivering. So enjoy the sun.

    When I have a minute or two I go to Google Earth to plot your adventures from the air. New Zealand is amazing. I look forward to all your updates.

    Miss you maddly.

  3. Hey, he is sooo lying about the heat. It is set at 60. Really all that heat is not good for you...right Photos look absolutely amazing! Cant' wait to skype.. Court...I love your easy skype fix. I will be glad to get up in the middle of the night or see your lovely face!!

  4. great beach shot. officailly jealous. pee-pee-patch? those kiwi's think of everything