Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog Design

We've received tons of compliments about how snazzy our blog page looks.  If you know us, you're probably thinking "Lee and Courtney aren't that creative and couldn't possibly have created that themselves."  Well, you're right, we didn't.  The design was created by our amazingly talented friend (and Lee's former co-worker and neighbor) Katie.  Katie creates all kinds of pretty stuff, you can check out some of her work at her blog

Thanks Katie! See you in South Africa!


  1. Thanks, guys!! I also loved the Harrison Ford star photo just for me. We just officially got our tickets to the US v England game - crazy! See you in June!

  2. Please let us know ASAP when you meet Frodo. This will be big news for Katie. Also, please say hello to Flight of the Conchords. Happy farkling.

  3. The Harrison Ford star was for you, Katie. Ricky was for Ran. Can't beleive you got US v England tix, that's great. We'll know in a couple of weeks if we got any through the lottery. Fingers crossed.

    Ran - We're up north at the moment and haven't made it to Mordor yet. Should be there by Thursday. I'll have Frodo sign a postcard or something for Katie.