Friday, January 22, 2010

LA Flood-2010

Thanks to Cessa and Jeremy for putting us up in LA! We had a great time during our last couple of days in the US. Thanks so much for showing us around and of course for our last hot showers!

LA had the worst rain storm since 2005...we were there. Even though the roads were flooded and the LA residents were scared to go outside because they thought they were going to melt...the exploration pushed forward.

We went for dinner in Manhattan Beach because Court's brother was in town visiting friends, Tommy and Kate, for the weekend. Thanks for dinner Colin! It was nice to see him before heading off.

Good news Durham Family, LA now FARKLES!! Please see post for details on the game we are attempting to share with the world:

Hanging with the hipsters at Cha Cha

We spent the evening farkling in the "Cha Cha", a hipster bar in Silver Lake which used to be a gay Hispanic bar, which has hundreds of sombreros on the ceiling and nudy magazine pictures wallpapering the bathrooms. Please see photo booth pictures.


The following day, after Courtney felt pretty rough in the morning from all that farkling, the whole crew went to the Observatory that overlooks the whole city. Dash, Cessa's pup, came with. Apparently you can take dogs everywhere but Starbucks in LA. The skies were still cloudy but we got a few shots with the Hollywood sign in the background....Lee's goal of the LA trip!

To end the trip, we munched on some delicious Fat Burger (mmm, makes you want some right now), took a quick nap, and headed to the airport!


  1. 1. I am LOVING this blog sitch.
    2. I am sooo happy for Lee that he got 2 breakfasts in 1 day. I can only imagine what a good mood you must have been in for the rest of the day.
    3. Way to be resourceful with the stickers and how nice of people to leave them there.
    4. Keep up the funny comments.
    5. Miss you guys lots!

  2. Your blog is SO cool and I am SO jealous as I sit at work looking reading and looking at all the cool things you've already done. I'm especially jealous today because I've been to New Zealand and its the most beautiful place I've ever seen. I cant wait to read all about your adventures there! BE SAFE! xoxo Shelli Nally

  3. Thanks for the beautiful notes guys!! My heart is all filled up!!
    Love You Guys!

  4. Farkel on!!! Court how many times did you beat up on Lee? JD