Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't leave home without it...or do.

Best thing we've brought with us:  Quick-dry microfiber towels.  These things are amazing.  Nice and soft and they dry in minutes.

Worst thing we've brought: Bar shampoo.  When we bought it we thought it might be weird to wash our hair with what is basically a bar of soap...and it is.

1 comment:

  1. First off, is that teeny penguin really blue? How adorable. Of course you CAN'T bring it home with you.

    Bar shampoo ay? Well we have had a blast using all the beauty products you left behind. My hair is shiny and my skin smooth and wrinkle free. We have to use up all your stuff before I begin ripping out "YOUR" bathroom. And your bed... How comfortable is your bed. Davida and I are thinking about switching out beds. Hell, you are planning on being away for so long, so why not? Right?

    Continued safe and fun travels. I am told we will be shipping a care package to Australia very soon.