Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Itinerary

Where are we going?

Planning a round-the-world trip is HARD.  We’ve been planning this thing for months and here we are less than 2 weeks before we leave and we still haven’t figured out all the details!  It turns out the world is quite big and you can’t possibly see it all in 8 months.  So, we tried to create a bit of a plan that will allow us to visit quite a few countries but also left it fairly open-ended so we can linger in places we like a little longer and duck out of places we’re not keen on earlier.  The only thing that is set in stone is the flight to South Africa.  We’re heading down there for the FIFA World Cup, which starts in early June and ends a month later.  Did we mention Lee likes football?

Here’s our itinerary as it stands today (Jan 5, 2010):

Los Angeles      01/17 – 01/19                       
New Zealand     01/21 – 02/10                       
Australia            02/10 – 02/23
SE Asia             02/24 – 04/08                       
Europe               04/08 – 06/01           
South Africa      06/02 – 07/19           
England             07/20 - ??


  1. You know Wales is a country too, right? We don't take kindly to being classified as England this side of the bridge ;-)

    Enjoy your trip - Csn't wait to see you both (in July now, I guess... Love Kylie xxx

  2. haha, the itinerary above doesn't represent everywhere we're going. I'll be updating it as we go. I'll make sure I include Wales. Hopefully Google can find it.

    We're coming to England in May before we head down to South Africa so hoping to stop up then. We'll know exact dates closer to the time but it will probably be late May.